Throughout the years, Sentermenigheten has been involved in mission trips and missionary work. Our engagement has taken us to many different countries, particularly in Europe and Asia. In recent years, our most significant mission areas have been India and Nepal.


Sentermenigheten has been engaged in missionary work in India since 1998, and since then, the work has seen tremendous growth. In recent years, hundreds of new churches have been established.

We believe that local Christians are the best at reaching their people and their culture with the gospel. Therefore, we aim our work towards equipping and educating local leaders. This is done through seminars for pastors and evangelists, where we gather leaders for teaching, guidance, and follow-up. Furthermore, we have run Bible schools to educate young people to reach their people with the gospel and to plant churches. Local pastors lead the work. Sentermenigheten provides financial support and contributes with teaching and guidance. We have a system where we support evangelists/pastors in impoverished areas with a monthly sum for a limited period. The goal is always for them to become self-sustaining.


Sentermenigheten has been working in Nepal for many years. We collaborate with a church planting movement that aims to plant a thousand new churches. We have been running a church planter school in Nepal for several years, both in the capital, Kathmandu, and in the southwest of the country.

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