The World is Our Calling

For Sentermenigheten, the Great Commission, to go out into the entire world, is part of our DNA. The last thing Jesus gave his disciples before he was lifted up to heaven was the Great Commission. Not the Great Suggestion…

For us, this means that we are committed to spreading the gospel to people regardless of where they are; the entire world is our missionary calling. This means that we use a lot of resources in terms of money, focus, and time on this.

To us, the mission involves both helping people in need and preaching the gospel, teaching believers, and planting churches.

Mission is not just something we do. WE ARE MISSION.


Read about our global commitment


In recent years, we have had extensive work in Asia, especially in India and Nepal. In addition, we collaborate with several other mission organizations.Read more about missions.


Sentermenigheten's aid work in India is run through Skap en Forandring (Make a Change), which among other things, has several hundred children in a distance adoption program. Read more about the work at
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