Our History

In the autumn of 1994, Sentermenigheten was formally established, and about 90 people joined the congregation. The church moved into pleasant rented premises in Gamle Borgenvei 5 in Asker. The aim was to reach out with the Gospel to those unfamiliar with church, and to train people to be disciples of Jesus. Services and meetings were marked by respect for God’s Word, faith in God’s supernatural power, and fresh worship. A lot of emphasis was also placed on outreach work with outdoor meetings, team activity, and distribution of printed publications. The congregation had a thriving youth environment and arranged many Alpha courses to provide people with basic introduction to the Christian faith.

Sentermenigheten was established as an independent free church with awareness of good relations and cooperation with other congregations and faith communities. Ole Bjørn Urne was the founder and main pastor of the congregation.

The same year, Sentermenigheten’s Bible School was restarted as a one-year full-time Bible school. The school was approved by the Department of Education.

Ten Center

Ole Bjørn Urne established and led Ten Center from the early 70s. Ten Center was a Christian rehabilitation work for drug addicts. This work expanded quickly, and a crisis center and separate centers for boys and girls were established, with headquarters in Oslo. In addition, Ten Center carried out extensive preventive work, including visits to schools and military camps. A Bible school was also established for training Christian youth. Ten Center was connected to the Pentecostal Movement in Norway, and to Teen Challenge with David Wilkerson internationally. Ten Center was run for about 20 years. Many from Ten Center environment were involved in the establishment of Sentermenigheten.

Building of the congregation center in Solbråveien

Sentermenigheten was early looking for a place where the congregation could build its own assembly house. A suitable plot in Solbråveien in Asker was purchased, with good exposure to E-18. In the summer of 1997, the first ground was broken for what would become the new congregation center of Sentermenigheten. The building would provide opportunities for growth and increased support, and became a visible expression of the vision of creating a vibrant and vital congregation. Tireless voluntary work allowed the 3300 m2 building to be inaugurated in August 1999. Here was an assembly hall for more than 700 people, a cafeteria, various teaching rooms, an office section, and additionally some areas for rent.

Mission and aid

Mission has always been important in the work of the Senter Church. The congregation has been actively engaged in mission and aid work in a number of places. Team trips were arranged and/or mission projects established in Russia, Belarus, Cuba, Egypt, Jordan, China, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

In the summer of 2002, Skap en Forandring (Create a Change), a remote adoption project among poor children in India, was established.

Holu Mountain Lodge

The Senter Church owns the Holu Mountain Lodge in Ål in Hallingdal. The place has been used for congregation trips that have strengthened the congregation’s fellowship. In 2012, the Senter Church entered into a collaboration with Gulsrud campsite about the operation and rental of the place. Holu is now marketed as Hallingdal campsite.

Generational shift

On January 1, 2013, changes were made to the leadership of Sentermenigheten. Ole Bjørn Urne wished to step out of the congregation’s leadership and initiated the need for younger forces to lead the congregation further. The board went in for hiring Raymond Urne as the new main pastor. Other changes were also made in the leadership team. During 2013, there was a process in relation to joining the Pentecostal movement, and on January 31, 2014, Sentermenigheten was presented as a Pentecostal congregation at the leadership conference LED14. On July 27, 2019, Sentermenigheten was presented as one of the Word of Life Family congregations in the international network of Word of Life.

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